Storage Company Near Me

Storage options are offered by qualified moving companies. As a competent company, OSSL Moving & Storage owns storage facilities for our client’s safekeeping needs. Our moving company is the wise choice if you need a storage company near you in Hyattsville, MD. We guarantee you secure climate controlled storage units at the lowest prices.

Asides from our efficiency, we are also a trustworthy and reliable company. The main reason we offer storage services is to provide a risk-less environment for your furniture. And even in the face of danger, our storage service comes with insurance that covers your property. Not only do we protect your property, but we also insure it.

At our company, we can provide a secure place for your furniture during the renovation of your home. We are a proud moving company with storage options at your fingertips in Hyattsville, MD. We make sure that we keep all our storage units near you well-equipped.

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Climate Controlled Storage Near Me

Climate-controlled storage is an effective way of storing sensitive materials in a conducive environment. We own climate-controlled storage near the residents of Hyattsville, MD. We consider how conducive the environment is before the storing of the material. During the determination of the environment’s best condition, we look into factors like:

  1. Humidity.
  2. Temperature.
  3. Weather.

If you are looking to store items like wood furniture, art, delicate fabrics, paper items, electronics, metals, vinyl records, etc., then OSSL is the recommendable climate-controlled storage near you. Furthermore, we charge an affordable rate. Please note that we do not store flammable items in our climate-controlled storage.

Storage Units Near Me Prices

Seeing as storage units must be highly secured, at our company, we make use of storage vaults.  The size of our vault is 7’x5’x7′ (L x W x H), and it cannot be easily broken into. Our storage unit prices are reasonable, and we accept monthly payments. At our company, charging a fair price for our storage units is a priority.

Furthermore, we have an ongoing online promotion sales where you can access a coupon from us. All you have to do is click on the link and fill in your details. After doing that, you get a coupon under the following conditions:

  1. Below 25 miles: $50 off.
  2. Fifty miles and above: $100 off.

Our storage units offer one of the best prices near Hyattsville, MD residents. We don’t neglect our duties and we are a full-service company with storage options in Hyattsville, MD. We are ready to cater to your every moving/storage need.

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Moving Companies With Storage Options Near Me Hyattsville, MD

We are going to do you a satisfactory job. Not only do we intend to move your properties, but we are also prepared to store them in case of necessity. We are one of the best moving companies with storage options in the state. Aside from that, we are also capable of solving renovation and impromptu moving challenges.

In Hyattsville, MD, there is no cause for alarm if you have to move your properties under short notice. If you need a safe place to store pieces of furniture while you are renovating, don’t stress! Our company has it under control because of our storage benefits. These storage facilities solely belong to our moving company in Hyattsville and only designated clients can access them.

Our company picked extremely safe sites for this purpose. With our client’s peace of mind being our priority, we chose safeguarded places and secure vault storage for safety. And we are ready to serve you for as long as you want. It could take weeks, months or years, and we would remain concerned about your convenience. We also provide our services in Beltsville, MD and other surrounding communities.

What Our Clients Say

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    Sarah S.11/24/2017
    5 star rating

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    Frederika Lewis4/17/2018

    These young men were professional, courteous, fast and hard working. I look forward to working with them again in... read more

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    Kassandra Hinojosa4/17/2018

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    Kareen Shelton4/17/2018

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    Shamika E.2/28/2017
    5 star rating

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    5 star rating

    Jacob was very accommodating with my schedule and the crew did a great job efficiently moving my stuff. The pricing... read more

    Lindsey A.11/04/2017
    4 star rating

    Second time using them. Once from Boston to DVM and nos to another apartment. They were Fast. Friendly. Respectful. I'll... read more

    mark alsobrook4/17/2018

    Jacob and his men provide great value and are available every day!

  • Alicia Bobian4/17/2018

    Very nice staff, service was great, went smoothly and quick! Will definitely refer to others.

    Helen Jackson1/17/2019

    Very careful, considerate. Very fare rate.Highly recommend.

    Orite Toulson1/17/2019

    Outstanding customer service! Will be recommending this company to friends and family.

  • Nicole Davis4/17/2017

    Nice Company! Professional and safe move.

    Jonathan Damato7/02/2019

    My wife and I turned to OSSL for yet another move and they did not disappoint. The team arrived on... read more

    Maisha T.1/05/2015
    5 star rating

    OSSL was great for moving my 2bdrm apt.  The guys were on time, patient and efficient.  They were also quite... read more

  • Maddy Styles11/14/2018

    THEY WERE THE BEST!!! So careful with all of our office equipment, friendly, and efficient!!! Great price too! We love them!

    Michael Kinn7/17/2018

    The moving team that was sent out to help us move our furniture was top notch. They moved everything with... read more

    Regina Devese4/17/2017

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  • Adam Kettler2/05/2019

    I have used OSSL three times now, most recently for a move out and storage job. They are reliable, courteous,... read more


    Fast movers! Everyone that came was super nice and friendly. They moved us super fast also.

    Ashawnta S.2/05/2019
    5 star rating

    Hired OSSL to move an antique piece after losing my Grandmother.  Movers were courteous, informative and patient.  Move went just... read more

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    5 star rating

    I love these guys! Always responsive, on-time, courteous, and quick.

    I've used them for a household move and a simple...
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    Kenny M.7/31/2015
    5 star rating

    OSSL are fantastic. Jacob was very accommodating and it was worth every penny. I hope I don't have to move... read more

    Mark B12/07/2018

    They were on time and professional. I was impressed by the care they took with the furniture. I had no... read more

  • Antwan P.5/14/2018
    5 star rating

    Outstanding service they took good care of property and setup any item I asked them to, they even hired a... read more

    James Weldon II4/17/2018

    Awesome group of guys! Friendly, prompt and professional!

    Cassandra Scott4/17/2018

    The guys were punctual, quick and kind. All of my furniture made it in one piece! I’m definitely recommending and... read more

  • Jasmine Miller4/17/2018

    Great team. Can always count on Jacob and team to move me successfully!

    Price Wootton4/17/2018

    They beat all others! Friendly, fast, experienced. They make all of the horrible parts of moving a breeze. HIGHLY recommend.

    Valerie U.5/21/2017
    5 star rating

    I purchased a bar from a local retailer.  Everyone I called said they couldn't move it.  OSSL was very professional... read more

  • Jill S.3/10/2015
    5 star rating

    Jacob and Godfrey are the dream team!!!  Thank you to you both!

    Katie Deierlein4/17/2018

    Best price; fast service; friendly guys. Highly recommended.

    Karen Jenkins4/17/2018

    OSSL provided us with the best price and service. The staff not only worked hard, but they were careful... read more

  • Mark Batterson9/17/2018

    Very professional, friendly and prompt. Great team to work with!

    Mac Sim4/17/2018

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    Sarah Butler4/17/2018

    I love the service and I will call them again