Office Movers Bethesda, MD

For many, getting ready in the morning is rather difficult. How about when you need to move all the stuff you have accrued over time to re-setup at a new location? It is not only stressful to conceive but also difficult to execute it. The whole process of packing alone is a lot to take in. This is without the stress of loading a vehicle, offloading and re-setup. This is where office movers come in. We do the stressful work for you and at a fair charge of course. OSSL Moving and Storage based in Bethesda, MD is a company that commercially provides office and business moving services. We are committed to ensuring you have a hitch-free relocation process by making you worry less about packing. So when you are relocating your residence, business or office, we are only a call away.

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Commercial Moving Companies

You might be a commercial outfit actively involved in the production or just marketing and sales and rendering of services in Bethesda, MD. Once the scale of output expands, there might be a need to move to a more spacious facility. Sometimes your commercial firm might need to move to ensure you are closer to your market. This is where top-notch office movers come in.

We can help move your equipment and delicate gadgets to your preferred location in Bethesda, MD. We are one of the best commercial moving companies in Maryland that provide vehicles that are designed to create enough room for your equipment. This ensures they are transported and delivered safely. We have a friendly disposition, and we are courteous as we provide our business moving services.

Office Moving Services

Firms sometimes have to move their offices. This is to ensure they get closer to the targeted clients and expected socioeconomic class. When your firm secures another space for services, we are the office movers you call. We provide office moving services to help you relocate. We move furniture, documents and other delicate office items to whatever place at whatever distance you are going. It does not matter whether it is just across the hallway or a long road trip, we understand the importance of these items to your firm, and you can trust us to handle them with utmost care.

At our company, we hold your privacy and that of your clients in high regard. This is why we uphold the utmost in professionalism as commercial moving companies while dealing with your files, folders, and file cabinets. As part of office moving services, we also ensure your drawers and cabinets remain well sorted.

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Business Moving Services

There are various reasons your business might be moving, good or bad. Sometimes, it is to get more space. As time goes on, you might expect your company to expand to accommodate more personnel or storage facilities. Sometimes, the initial office was just never large enough to host the office, but it was all that was available at the time of establishment.

We are office movers in the business of providing reliable business moving services. We are specialists in business moving services of any nature or stature. This could range from large corporations worth billions to that startup in your garage which could worth billions soon. We want to be able to associate ourselves with you as you get bigger.

Paying the right people makes many of life’s operations significantly easier. Hiring the right people to provide office moving services can ensure you have a hitch-free experience. And so does hiring us when you need to move. We are a commercial moving company dedicated to your satisfaction. We also provide our services in Prince George County and other areas in Maryland.

What Our Clients Say

  • Valerie U.5/21/2017
    5 star rating

    I purchased a bar from a local retailer.  Everyone I called said they couldn't move it.  OSSL was very professional... read more

    Katie Deierlein4/17/2018

    Best price; fast service; friendly guys. Highly recommended.

    Antwan P.5/14/2018
    5 star rating

    Outstanding service they took good care of property and setup any item I asked them to, they even hired a... read more

  • Maisha T.1/05/2015
    5 star rating

    OSSL was great for moving my 2bdrm apt.  The guys were on time, patient and efficient.  They were also quite... read more

    Kareen Shelton4/17/2018

    The best experience with movers that I've ever had!! I had the pleasure of working with a great team... read more

    James Weldon II4/17/2018

    Awesome group of guys! Friendly, prompt and professional!

  • Jasmine Miller4/17/2018

    Great team. Can always count on Jacob and team to move me successfully!

    Maddy Styles11/14/2018

    THEY WERE THE BEST!!! So careful with all of our office equipment, friendly, and efficient!!! Great price too! We love them!

    Alex Kalter8/17/2018

    I have used Jacob and his team 3 times now, and just scheduled them for my 4th move in the... read more

  • Helen Jackson1/17/2019

    Very careful, considerate. Very fare rate.Highly recommend.

    Price Wootton4/17/2018

    They beat all others! Friendly, fast, experienced. They make all of the horrible parts of moving a breeze. HIGHLY recommend.

    Cassandra Scott4/17/2018

    The guys were punctual, quick and kind. All of my furniture made it in one piece! I’m definitely recommending and... read more

  • Regina Devese4/17/2017

    I had the greatest experience with OSSL Moving & Storage. The were prompt in there arrival and moved all my... read more

    Alicia Bobian4/17/2018

    Very nice staff, service was great, went smoothly and quick! Will definitely refer to others.

    Shamika E.2/28/2017
    5 star rating

    The four gentlemen that helped us moved into our new house were amazing! They wrapped our furniture very well and... read more

  • nar s.7/14/2015
    5 star rating

    Jacob was very accommodating with my schedule and the crew did a great job efficiently moving my stuff. The pricing... read more

    Michael Kinn7/17/2018

    The moving team that was sent out to help us move our furniture was top notch. They moved everything with... read more

    Jonathan Damato7/02/2019

    My wife and I turned to OSSL for yet another move and they did not disappoint. The team arrived on... read more

  • Tinamarie1/30/2019

    Jacob and his crew were amazing! They were professional and efficient. I was worried about hiring a company... read more

    Frederika Lewis4/17/2018

    These young men were professional, courteous, fast and hard working. I look forward to working with them again in... read more

    Ashawnta S.2/05/2019
    5 star rating

    Hired OSSL to move an antique piece after losing my Grandmother.  Movers were courteous, informative and patient.  Move went just... read more

  • Mark Batterson9/17/2018

    Very professional, friendly and prompt. Great team to work with!

    Adam Kettler2/05/2019

    I have used OSSL three times now, most recently for a move out and storage job. They are reliable, courteous,... read more

    Mac Sim4/17/2018

    Professional prompt movers! Movers arrived on schedule and worked diligently to pack and deliver household goods to new location on... read more

  • Sarah Butler4/17/2018

    I love the service and I will call them again

    Nicole Davis4/17/2017

    Nice Company! Professional and safe move.

    Kenny M.7/31/2015
    5 star rating

    OSSL are fantastic. Jacob was very accommodating and it was worth every penny. I hope I don't have to move... read more

  • Mark B12/07/2018

    They were on time and professional. I was impressed by the care they took with the furniture. I had no... read more


    Fast movers! Everyone that came was super nice and friendly. They moved us super fast also.

    mark alsobrook4/17/2018

    Jacob and his men provide great value and are available every day!

  • Vandesa Cole4/17/2018

    The movers were very professional and friendly. They arrived on time and packed my things with care. I... read more

    Manice D.4/26/2018
    5 star rating

    I love these guys! Always responsive, on-time, courteous, and quick.

    I've used them for a household move and a simple...
    read more

    Karen Jenkins4/17/2018

    OSSL provided us with the best price and service. The staff not only worked hard, but they were careful... read more

  • Ajani Baruti4/17/2018

    This team was prompt, professional and clearly communicated issues and potential issues during the move. They had a well defined... read more

    Jill S.3/10/2015
    5 star rating

    Jacob and Godfrey are the dream team!!!  Thank you to you both!

    Orite Toulson1/17/2019

    Outstanding customer service! Will be recommending this company to friends and family.

  • Sarah S.11/24/2017
    5 star rating

    They showed up early, they were courteous and worked their booties off going up and down our three flights. Saved... read more

    Lindsey A.11/04/2017
    4 star rating

    Second time using them. Once from Boston to DVM and nos to another apartment. They were Fast. Friendly. Respectful. I'll... read more

    Kassandra Hinojosa4/17/2018

    The experience was great, they handle the moving very professionally and in a smooth way. They arrived on time, and... read more